Wakeup 1: Ode to Snookie

Thanks to those who’ve grasped the nettle and signed up quicksticks to WHAT LIES BENEATH (small soundworks for the sleepy).

First What cab off the rank is this piece called Ode to Snookie, by Rory McKay.

Right-click to download it … (or left-click to listen now).

Have a look over at our “how it works” page for technical help Documentary with setting up the sound for your cheap mlb jerseys device, and email us if you are having trouble. (I can’t guarantee to solve what all problems, but will definitely try to appear helpful.)

Snookie, apparently, is this lady. (Perhaps in the comments below, Rory will inform the world why she deserves an ode…)

At any rate, I thought we’d begin with this piece as it’s a very subtle and beautiful transformation of those industrial sounds which LIE BENEATH this whole project. Later on, I’ll play you some wholesale nba jerseys more raucus stuff, but wholesale nfl jerseys I don’t wanna scare you all off too soon…

Rory writes:

Inspired by late 50’s hacked jazz, this work eases the listener into the waking world with sounds that wholesale jerseys you cant quite place your finger on. Not Reformas responsible for bed wetting…

Thanks Rory. Here’s a pic of the artist himself in a somewhat non-industrial setting:

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  1. nice first track boys and girls! i’ve got a playlist in my itunes already called what lies beneath and i look forward to waking up in a variety of ways during the festival. perhaps i’ll make a report each morning and post it 🙂

  2. what a mystery! what lies beneath snooky? celebrity? facebook? or lindsay lonohan longings? I’m intrigued. great work – i have a track loaded called ‘dismantling’ – i’ll try that tommorrow am and see if the truth reveals itself. love T

  3. Lauren – we look forward to your reports!

    Ti – hopefully (or perhaps not, sometimes the mystery is better than the truth) Rory will enlighten us… And hold off on “dismantling” til later in the week! – we have a different track for you for tomorrow…

  4. Successfully awakened by Ode to Snookie. Starting the day wondering about the particular qualities of snookie-ishness that inspired the piece. Had to have a second listen (that’s what snooze buttons are for after all!). Still no breakthrough of insight but loved this mornings alarm. Have decided to enjoy the art as it is and not go off in search of Jersey Shore episodes.

  5. Hi Lucas,

    Peta made it her alarm clock.

    It was pleasant to listen to something different this morning. We both woke up to the sound of water which inspired us to get out of bed at the very least which was nice.

    I’m liking this project.


  6. Hello, im the ‘artist’.
    So I am actually a computer science student and all of my projects and other assignments are named “Ass.1” or “SearchFucntion” so when I submitted this project I named it “RoryAss1”. Apparently this is wrong so I had to come up with a new name. I could have come up with something wanky like “When androids wake” or some other crap referencing Philip K Dick. But I decided not to and I decided to humor myself. So ode to snookie. Click on my website. As if you don’t want to write an ode to her.

    On a similar note, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgWn7zbgxZ4) this is what I wake up to in the morning.

    Im glad you all enjoyed my work!
    Ps, I have never actually seen an episode of jersey shore.

  7. Ode to Snooki:

    I’m in a luxury car with Snooki. We’re cruising the Jersey Shore. She’s driving. It’s late at night, and we’ve just found out that Snooki’s mum is terminally ill. We are looking for a place to have a quiet drink and digest the news. David Lynch is guest directing this episode, and RoryAss1’s audio piece is giving the ambiance to a montage of empty spaces in Jersey: rooms with no one in them, televisions flickering but no one watching, a city of lights with no one in it. We can’t find a bar that’s open. A tear rolls down Snooki’s cheek. We drive home. The montage is over. In the morning Snooki has to put aside her sadness to give an alumni speech at Rutgers University. She tells the students: “Study hard, but party harder.” The university pays her $32,000 for this. Most of it will go to her mother’s hospital bill. The judge who accused Snooki of being a Lindsay Lohan wannabe obviously doesn’t know who the real Snooki Polizzi is.

  8. Oh yeah, also, if you synch the youtube video that Rory linked to with his audio piece you will note a freakish congruity between the audio to the video editing. One wonders if Rory also made Pickle Surprise. Everyone knows computer science students are the craziest artists going around!

  9. nick is amazing.

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