Wakeup 2: “Awake to a dream”

It’s time Updated to rise and shine, on the second morning of our sonic adventures! в So tomorrow at the crack of dawn, let’s wake up together, coaxed into consciousness by this lovely piece by Alex Stevenson.

Click here to listen or download Alex’s piece.

Alex writes:

My work tries to structure your experience of lies “swimming through the deep pools of the subconscious” in those moments before you wake up. Despite using wholesale nfl jerseys industrial recordings as the basis Market for the work, UICollectionViewLayoutクラスの重要メソッド I have attempted to give the listener a peaceful awakening in which the sounds gently wholesale nba jerseys prod them from slumber, stealing them What from the eerie realm of wholesale jerseys sleep, and steeling them for the day Wakeup ahead.

Here’s the artist herself, obviously rather impressed by the ambient soundscape at… the royal wholesale mlb jerseys wedding? Her highschool formal? The logies award ceremony?

Anyway, enjoy the piece, and as before, we’d love to hear how Craftsman: it works for your morning brain…

3 Responses

  1. lovely alex – i wanted to stay asleep – unalarming alarm. after seeing your photo i was expecting an aria,

  2. Over at Lauren’s blog, she’s keeping track of this project on her own terms…

    Here’s what she writes in relation to this morning’s piece by Alex:

    ok, so i cocked up the order a bit. i napped, but didn’t really sleep. and i woke up to alex’s awake to a dream instead of snookie. but that’s ok, i’ll fix it up tomorrow.

    i’m documenting it too. and today i looked like a puppy on a sheepskin rug. i need to work on it a bit.

    but, the track itself was lovely and the tick-tock-tick-tock running through it was a reminder that i was late to a very important date, but with some kind of sloppy saggy clock that was squishing time.

    Lauren’s also photographed herself as an active audience member of WHAT LIES BENEATH:


  3. In the dream someone had taken a photo of me with my mouth open. I left my swimming pool on the table. In the dream I was waking up in an empty white room covered in a red sheepskin rug. My puppy had left for his high school formal. I’m not sure what was there, but it was prodding, stealing, steeling. If it wasn’t in the dream then it just wasn’t. You’re right, it might have been him, but now he’s gone how can we ever know? I’m sure you can ask the phantom about the structure of experience. Go on, ask it.

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