Wakeup 3: “Dismantling”

Come along now for the third excavation of the sonic underworld which props up our tidy urban lives. You are in for a treat.

This particular wake up call is by Eric Lasker, and it’s entitled Dismantling. We invite you to install it on your device, and use it as your wake-up call for tomorrow morning.

Download it, or listen to it, here.

Eric was part of the cohort who visited Renewable Recyclers in North Wollongong to make noisy field recordings. Renewable Recyclers is a community-based business which dismantles obselete computers and electrical technology, reclaiming what is useful and discarding safely what is toxic. It’s places like this which are stemming the tide of old computers finding their way to those enormous techno-dumps in China.

I asked Eric to contribute a small statement about his resulting sound work. This was his rather humble reply:

Inspired by how little science understands about sleep, how a gentle wake up can cause sleep inertia, and the word “dismantling” itself, here are some sounds that I arranged.

I’ve included a photo of me just waking up and attempting to read the news only to be foiled by running out of my free New York Times quota.

Hope this will suffice,
Eric Lasker

Said photo is below. (Eric is a temporary exile from the USA, hence his heavy consumption of that nation’s mass media produce.)

eric photo

5 Responses

  1. Dude. I got to be honest. Waking up to this creeped me out.
    It sounded like ET was getting it on with a robot in my room, and I had that image in my head for the rest of the day.

    However, I doubt any other pieces will give me this mental image, so, you did an awesome job!

  2. damn. today didn’t work at all. the rebel app only wakes me up to an obnoxious alarm now. although i did listen to today’s track anyway and it almost sounds like the alarm anyway! wow. intense track.

    i’ll try again tomorrow. i think i need to actually play the track on my ipod before it works as an alarm.

  3. Hah! I love that it created that image for you Jamie.

    This reminds me of an artwork I first encountered 11 years ago, which I suppose is something of an inspiration for What Lies Beneath. I refer to Singapore artist Dennis Tan’s Mental Sculpture.

    In this project, Dennis created a series of experimental sound pieces which, he said, were not intended to be appreciated for their own sonic qualities, but rather as the stimulus for the creation of “mental sculptures” in the minds of the listener…

    He writes:

    ‘Mental Sculpture’ here refers to the forms that are conjured up by the two stimulus: language and sound. Painting allows its audiences their interpretations, with the art clearly being the painting.

    In this case neither the texts nor the sounds is the art. They are merely presented as cases of stimulant, or still life for the painting. The art lies in the cognitive forms conjured with help of the stimulus, i.e. the authorship lies with the interpreters.

    Every piece of art from that similar source of stimulus becomes an original.

    I was quite taken with this rather contentious redefinition of the art object at the time (September 2000). And of course, Dennis’ sound stimuli, are, “in themselves” (if there is any such thing) beautiful and thorny things.

    You can read more about Mental Sculpture, and make some of your own through listening, here.

  4. mental sculpture #3:

    pterodactyls, surely. or some other fell beast. in the science of sleep Stéphane has a recurring dream his hand grows absurdly large. certainly, motor dexterity was down grogginess up and there was a lot of dismantling. yep, it’s safe to say there is a fair bit going on about the joint. Stéphanie loves what you’ve done with her stuffed horse, implanting Golden The Pony Boy with a galloping mechanism was a neat trick. there’s no doubt we all feel a bit of parallel synchronised randomness, but can you ever recall this much pixelation? somebody is fucking the bandwidth. oh no, not the pterodactyls again. the sun was trying to go down, a few people were still celebrating at ground zero, Stéphane and Stéphanie sailed a white boat off into the horizon.

  5. Thanks all for listening

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