Wakeup 4: “Exaggerated Time”

Welcome, fellow Beneathers, to our fourth wake up call.

Tomorrow’s alarm art comes from Jessicah Halliday.

Click here to download or listen in to Jessicah’s work.

Jessicah writes:

I created this piece using industrial sounds from around the area of Nowra & Jervis Bay. I wanted to create a soundscape that seemed to exaggerate the time it takes one to wake up.

The track itself is intended to awaken the listener only towards the very end with the ambulance siren, but I also hope that, prior to awakening, my sleepy listeners might swim around in a building atmosphere of panic and disorder.

The sounds I recorded to make the work included clocks, chimes, traffic light buttons, and car sounds, as well as noises collected from our excursion to BlueScope Steel.

Thanks Jessicah! Here she is below, looking neither panicked, nor disordered, but instead rather pleased with herself.

As she should be – Exaggerated Time is a lovely work…

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  1. I woke up to this, this morning. My sense of temporal experience was indeed out of whack. I felt like time absolutely flew while the piece was playing: I could have kept listening to it for much longer, disappointed when it wrapped up.

    This project set a time limit of 90 seconds on these alarm clocks. But I wonder if there might be scope to extend some of them much longer: an integrated snooze machine, if you will… I often use the “snooze” 3 times before actually waking up, meaning the process takes about 15 minutes in total… and I wonder what it’d be like to emerge from unconsciousness using a piece of sound that long…

  2. if you ever walk into vinnies and see a vinyl boom box player for $5, please buy it for me. now it’s getting close to summer again, we can take it down to the pool where the red and green frogs are still only two for five cents. the light is fine outside but still, it’s true, something just doesn’t feel right. there’s a heaviness in the air here, it’s boiling hot and they insist we wear heavy jackets and a stethoscope, just so we can hear the old cranks heartbeat. come inside this room, it’s the best part of the tour, and you can see the ghosts being put into the blast furnace. tony abbott was here earlier. he was clearly impressed by the clean green landscaping in the parking lot, and possibly felt the need to tell management so. the ambulance is always on stand by, and we have our own train station. if you can’t figure out what to do with all all this free time, then come volunteer on the tour. whatever the case, we’ve hot rolled our last slabs, blooms and billets my friend, it’s time we were off.

  3. Ha! It was actually from the Salvos. Very creative Nick!

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