Wakeup 5: “Some people dream of success”

Here’s one with a mildly moral undertone, for all you folks wot have to get up and go to work on Saturday morning. Poor souls with a strong work ethic…

But your misfortune is our opportunity! …to supply you with a soundtrack to your sabbath (in the old fashioned Jewish sense of the word).

To cut to the chase, we present Some People Dream of Success, by Corryn Queenan – whose soundwork is almost as excellent as her excellent name.

(NB: Corryn’s original title for this piece was Seize the Day, but as benevolent overlord of What Lies Beneath, I’ve taken the executive decision to rename it – at least provisionally, to “Some people dream of success”. I’ll take full responsibility for any and all negative repercussions which might follow from this nomenclative adjustment.)

Download or listen to Corryn’s piece here.

Corryn writes (spoiler alert!):

Constructing a sound piece from recordings gathered at the local steelworks proved to be quite a challenging task. But after mastering the technology and software and sorting through hundreds of recordings the piece which I have titled “Seize the Day” was created.

In the beginning of this piece I have attempted to creak open the door to a disturbing nightmare. Following this, something like a heartbeat kicks in, reaching a climax which (if it works as I intend it to!) will abruptly awaken the dreamer. Once awake, the heartbeat halts, and the statement that is unintelligibly growled throughout the piece is made crystal clear:
“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it”.

Thanks Corryn. We leave you with a portrait of the successful artist herself:

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  1. no one was willing to take full responsibility for the negative repercussions of the nomenclature adjustment. that’s how mollymook and ulladulla first came to blows. the ulladulla high kids were most guilty of inciting the violence, and they certainly crossed the roundabout first and charged down the hill, but what happened on the nine hole golf course that day is something no one who witnessed the event will ever talk about. so we have no memory of it. for a time there was a great deal of exaggeration with both sides feeling they ran a successful campaign, but soon they forgot the forgetting and old enemies now tee off together into the ocean from the first hole. visitors are starting return, the economy is recovering, even the school kids from canberra came for their end of year twelve celebrations. we still travel a long way each day to get to work, but i’m happy.

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