Wakeup 6: “Distorted Circadian Rhythm”

Welcome dear listener to your Sunday morning Wakeup. We don’t want to shock you into violent consciousness on your day of rest. So for tomorrow we present James Hallihan’s subtle and sophisticated aural construction, which he calls “Distorted Circadian Rhythm”…

Download or play James’ track here.

I asked James if he could tell us what lies beneath the making of his piece. Here’s his reply:

I approached this work by examining my own encounter with waking, and creating a soundscape that reflected the sleep-to-awake transition. From a literal angle, as the early morning hours progress I notice a gradual increase in sound activity. First natural sounds, followed by motors and the industrial hum of inner city living.

My other approach was more of a reflection on my physical and psychological response. At the time of working on this project, I was experiencing a lot of interrupted sleep and physical tension, and as I awoke my relaxed state of sleep would be rapidly disrupted by acute tension in my neck and shoulders, further resulting in feelings of frustration and anxiety. The climax of the piece has been designed to reflect this tension. The title references a term which is more commonly known as the ‘human body clock’.

Thanks James. Here’s a photo of the artist contemplating his own circadian rhythms:

2 Responses

  1. As a sound art piece this really works for me – it sound less like a transition from one state to another (unconsciousness to consciousness) – but a move within the same rhthym – slowed body pulse in tune with a wider ‘tone’ – slowly becoming aware of all the competing calls. Circadian indeed. Teri

  2. the cicadas have rhythm but they can’t hold a tune, not this time of year. the slowed body pulse was the subject of a lot of town gossip and the streets began to take on a wider ‘tone’. for once the moths shunned the light and sought out the husks of their cocoons. the contemplative now split their time between the industrial zone and the bush, blocking the sun with busy skulls, asking the image of the wilderness what it thought of its status update. say whatever you like but its so internalised now that i wake up the instant before it does. if the thugs who run the place ever ask what they can do for you, tell them to move out of your sunlight.

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