Wakeup 10: “Questions”

Here’s something ponderous to start your Thursday. Our sonic alarmist du Jour, Jo McGeorge asks:

How do we know when we are really awake??

What do our brains do with outside sounds in our dreams??

What happens in our brains when the sounds around us become part of our dreams, and when do they start to define our actual reality as we begin to wake-up?

Download or listen to Jo McGeorge’s answers to these questions here.

She continues, on somewhat more solid ground:

I used household ‘morning’ sounds, the sounds that fill our brains as we start to wake up, eg. the shower, coffee machine, doors closing etc, to show the process of moving from dreaming to awake.

Here’s the dreamer at work:

2 Responses

  1. i would actually love to see this track extended into a full glitch/step composition. it was like waking up to a mount kimbie track.

  2. The vagueness of this notional outside accounts for the somnambulist, but the burning question my friends is whether you feel you have been given this time or whether you have chosen it? A good rule of thumb I’ve found is this: if you remember anything at all, remember that not being able to forget is utterly debilitating. A better rule of thumb I figured out yesterday is: if you can’t work out the erotics of this experience then you’ll end up doing a lot of wanking. Ignore the cabinet of cynics, her majesty the Queen (no, not that one) has a new chap book coming out that eloquently differentiates being given from having chosen. Forgive my improper sprechen my friends, it’s just that I’m sad we can’t go binge-drinking in Second Life and I want to acknowledge the concept of a heated argument even at the risk of fisticuffs. Good friends can exchange firm blows without loving an ounce less. I found an old how-to manual in a box in the garage and it said: “Without a bit of vehemence, the bankers will keep fucking us.” In that case, I’m not leaving until the whiskey bottle is bone dry. Have you noticed how many of these old things lying on the ground are turning out to be prophetic? It may have been something you said, but a drunken Muppet turned on us with aggressive lyricism, saying “Look mate, four hundred metres of electrical tape is a shit load in anyone’s language!” We could have argued the point but that would have involved his apocalyptic mistress, and she was already enraged by the ethically-driven theft of her shoulder cat. I like animals as much as the next animal but the subtle and peculiar policing methods required to settle this dispute are only moderately compelling, so I’d like it if we went home now, please?

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