Wakeup 11: “Friday the Thirteenth”

It’s time for your Friday-the-Thirteenth salutation. This one’s a particularly spoOoky one. It comes from Matt Melendez.

You can download or listen to Matt’s work here.

Matt writes:

I tried to reach, sonically, towards the state of being lost. At a certain point in the work, the subconscious meets the conscious mind. See if you can pick when that moment is…

Phaser, echo, tone and tempo changes were all used to manipulate my industrial field recordings in order to create this state.

Here’s the artist taunting you with his fiendish quizzles:

2 Responses

  1. i haven’t been to india, but i imagine the sound of clinking bells and steel cutlery in the morning to sound a little like this. waking to the sound of running water is just mean 🙂

  2. Conservative poets are notorious sticklers for hunt etiquette so I’ll rock my scarlet pinques with black breeches and dress boots for tonight’s game. Culinary ignorance requires cat lovers to wear a tweed ratcatcher all season but as the resident dogmatic Marxist I have to say your desire to define game as a flavour is just petty bourgeois materialism. All this game-foxing clearly violates my poethics of sequential meaning, that is to say: any event of language which I can’t understand is at best feeling guilty about jerking off and at worst publicly advocating genocide. In this next sentence I will contradict my functionalist ethics by punching you in the face. Imperial Pelvis is probably my favourite DJ coming out of the Atlantic Boing movement, have you head of it? It sounds like a blue whale mated with a sperm whale and produced offspring whose song is the lament of a creature for whom no possible mate exists. But they always say that about genres, don’t they, that they have no future? Frankly, I’d sooner go body-surfing with hard-right Catholics than continue this dog lovers discourse where books substitute for coffee dates and sex. It’s the same people who drive souped-up Holdens to eco-poetics conferences in Queensland and whose sad atheism sequences the game whose outcome we previously intended.

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