Returning to Tiny Stadiums with an LP under our arms!

alex stevenson with record covers

Artist and designer Alex Stevenson shows off the What Lies Beneath record covers at the Big Fag Press

WHAT: Limited edition 33rpm LP record, covers printed at Big Fag Press.
DATES & TIMES: Saturday 16th 3- 3.30pm
LOCATION: PACT HQ – 107 Railway Pde Erskineville

Come early at 2pm for Tiny Forums at PACT !

“What Lies Beneath” was originally presented in the 2011 Tiny Stadiums Festival. It returns to the festival in 2013 to launch as a LP.

Media arts students at University of Wollongong worked with Lucas Ihlein to produce a series of experimental audio works, based on very noisy field recordings made at the local steelworks, and at an electronics recycling plant.

These were originally available to download and experience the very next morning as an alarm clock and are now available in the form of an LP record. Putting on a record involves slowing down – ideally sitting or even better lying flat on the floor – and listening.

In both incarnations these quasi-unlistenables penetrate the day-to-day activities of civil urban life with the raucous rumblings of heavy industry, reminding us of the material-intensive reality which “lies beneath” our tidy lives.

Now, this suite is published as an LP record. Obviously, an LP record offers a completely different context for experiencing sound. Why, in the age of the download, would anyone want to manufacture a cumbersome, expensive piece of vinyl?

The LP version moves beyond the performative setting of the original webcasts. Records collect dust, and break down after repeated use. In this way, their materiality is explicitly present – which, happily, was also the impetus for the first iteration of the ‘What Lies Beneath’ project.

What Lies Beneath LP record

record box from USA