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Returning to Tiny Stadiums with an LP under our arms!
November 10, 2013

WHAT: Limited edition 33rpm LP record, covers printed at Big Fag Press. DATES & TIMES: Saturday 16th 3- 3.30pm LOCATION: PACT HQ – 107 Railway Pde Erskineville Come early at 2pm for Tiny Forums at PACT ! “What Lies Beneath” was originally presented in the 2011 Tiny Stadiums Festival. It returns to the festival in […]

Wakeup 13: “Wake Up and Smell the Ashes”
May 14, 2011

Your penultimate wakeup awaits. Given that it’s for Sunday morning, I recommend playing this one at a slightly lower volume than usual, to let it enter your subconscious mind more subtly. It’s by Nikolas Kostiainen. You can listen now, or download Nikolas’ piece here. Nik has called his work, “Wake Up and Smell the Ashes.” […]

Intermission: What Lies Beneath the hills of the Illawarra…
May 13, 2011

[Photo by Tim Bauer] Just as What Lies Beneath was getting started, an article by Greg Bearup entitled Risks and Riches was published in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend magazine. I found it so fascinating, and some of the issues which it explores are so relevant to the questions surrounding this project (the raw […]

Wakeup 12: “That distinct truck reversing noise”
May 13, 2011

Even though we’re heading towards the end of What Lies Beneath, there are still some corkers to come. This one is by Matt Korvin, one of the students who visited the Steelworks (and, incidentally, a very promising young competition surfer). You can listen or download Matt’s wake up call here… Like many of the students, […]

Wakeup 11: “Friday the Thirteenth”
May 12, 2011

It’s time for your Friday-the-Thirteenth salutation. This one’s a particularly spoOoky one. It comes from Matt Melendez. You can download or listen to Matt’s work here. Matt writes: I tried to reach, sonically, towards the state of being lost. At a certain point in the work, the subconscious meets the conscious mind. See if you […]

Intermission: The Guru of Alarm Art
May 11, 2011

A few weeks ago I bumped into Caleb Kelly, Sydney sound maven. I was telling him about What Lies Beneath. He suggested we all check out the work of Max Neuhaus, who made “silent” alarm clocks and timepieces: Instead of a bell which begins with a sudden clang and gradually dies away, this concept is […]

Wakeup 10: “Questions”
May 11, 2011

Here’s something ponderous to start your Thursday. Our sonic alarmist du Jour, Jo McGeorge asks: How do we know when we are really awake?? What do our brains do with outside sounds in our dreams?? What happens in our brains when the sounds around us become part of our dreams, and when do they start […]

What Lies Beneath on the Airwaves
May 10, 2011

Last week I went along to FBi radio to do an interview about the What Lies Beneath project with Brooke from the Sunday Night at the Movies show. Jamie Gray (one of the young artists whose work is featured here) travelled up from the ‘gong to be interviewed too. You can download or listen to […]

Wakeup 9: “Two’s right to charge ay”
May 9, 2011

At the glowing heart of the steelmaking process is a mix of super-refined coal and scraps of iron, cooked together in an enormous cauldron at two thousand degrees until a new molten substance, burning and spitting orange fury — whose heat can be felt for hundreds of metres — is poured out into molds. To […]

Intermission: “A clang. A ring. Steel on steel.”
May 9, 2011

A clang. A ring. Steel on steel. The Crashes. Heat. Pounding on your memory. You see it. You hear it. You feel it. Molten steel. Pouring through your veins. Boiling from the inside. Your ears are burning. The sound is continuous. Percussive. Consuming. Crashing into you as the heat washes over you. It’s beautiful. An […]