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Intermission: What Lies Beneath the hills of the Illawarra…
May 13, 2011

[Photo by Tim Bauer] Just as What Lies Beneath was getting started, an article by Greg Bearup entitled Risks and Riches was published in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend magazine. I found it so fascinating, and some of the issues which it explores are so relevant to the questions surrounding this project (the raw […]

Intermission: The Guru of Alarm Art
May 11, 2011

A few weeks ago I bumped into Caleb Kelly, Sydney sound maven. I was telling him about What Lies Beneath. He suggested we all check out the work of Max Neuhaus, who made “silent” alarm clocks and timepieces: Instead of a bell which begins with a sudden clang and gradually dies away, this concept is […]

Intermission: “A clang. A ring. Steel on steel.”
May 9, 2011

A clang. A ring. Steel on steel. The Crashes. Heat. Pounding on your memory. You see it. You hear it. You feel it. Molten steel. Pouring through your veins. Boiling from the inside. Your ears are burning. The sound is continuous. Percussive. Consuming. Crashing into you as the heat washes over you. It’s beautiful. An […]

Intermission: What Lies Beneath your favourite device…
May 7, 2011

I never really imagined I’d be a “content generator” for proprietary devices. But the ubiquity of the Apple iPhone in “normal” society has, to a large extent, made this whole What Lies Beneath project possible. Without widespread distribution of the device to play these experimental sound works conveniently in your own bedroom, I would have […]