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Wakeup 13: “Wake Up and Smell the Ashes”
May 14, 2011

Your penultimate wakeup awaits. Given that it’s for Sunday morning, I recommend playing this one at a slightly lower volume than usual, to let it enter your subconscious mind more subtly. It’s by Nikolas Kostiainen. You can listen now, or download Nikolas’ piece here. Nik has called his work, “Wake Up and Smell the Ashes.” […]

Wakeup 12: “That distinct truck reversing noise”
May 13, 2011

Even though we’re heading towards the end of What Lies Beneath, there are still some corkers to come. This one is by Matt Korvin, one of the students who visited the Steelworks (and, incidentally, a very promising young competition surfer). You can listen or download Matt’s wake up call here… Like many of the students, […]

Wakeup 11: “Friday the Thirteenth”
May 12, 2011

It’s time for your Friday-the-Thirteenth salutation. This one’s a particularly spoOoky one. It comes from Matt Melendez. You can download or listen to Matt’s work here. Matt writes: I tried to reach, sonically, towards the state of being lost. At a certain point in the work, the subconscious meets the conscious mind. See if you […]

Wakeup 10: “Questions”
May 11, 2011

Here’s something ponderous to start your Thursday. Our sonic alarmist du Jour, Jo McGeorge asks: How do we know when we are really awake?? What do our brains do with outside sounds in our dreams?? What happens in our brains when the sounds around us become part of our dreams, and when do they start […]

Wakeup 9: “Two’s right to charge ay”
May 9, 2011

At the glowing heart of the steelmaking process is a mix of super-refined coal and scraps of iron, cooked together in an enormous cauldron at two thousand degrees until a new molten substance, burning and spitting orange fury — whose heat can be felt for hundreds of metres — is poured out into molds. To […]

Wakeup 8: “The day of recording”
May 8, 2011

Tuesday has none of the drama of Monday (what pop songs were ever written about Tuesday?)* So we’ve selected something for your Tuesday alarm clock which reflects the ‘neither-here-nor-there’-ness of this day. It’s by Andrea Washington, and in the absence of a title, I’ve decided to call her piece The day of recording. Download or […]

Wakeup 7: “Morning Boil”
May 8, 2011

Monday morning is really prime time in the underacknowledged cultural field of alarm clock sound production. So tomorrow’s wake up soundtrack is a reviving splash of cold water in the face of the somnolent city dweller. It’s by Jamie Gray (a young artist who has played a big role in the presentation of What Lies […]

Wakeup 6: “Distorted Circadian Rhythm”
May 7, 2011

Welcome dear listener to your Sunday morning Wakeup. We don’t want to shock you into violent consciousness on your day of rest. So for tomorrow we present James Hallihan’s subtle and sophisticated aural construction, which he calls “Distorted Circadian Rhythm”… Download or play James’ track here. I asked James if he could tell us what […]

Wakeup 5: “Some people dream of success”
May 6, 2011

Here’s one with a mildly moral undertone, for all you folks wot have to get up and go to work on Saturday morning. Poor souls with a strong work ethic… But your misfortune is our opportunity! …to supply you with a soundtrack to your sabbath (in the old fashioned Jewish sense of the word). To […]

Wakeup 4: “Exaggerated Time”
May 5, 2011

Welcome, fellow Beneathers, to our fourth wake up call. Tomorrow’s alarm art comes from Jessicah Halliday. Click here to download or listen in to Jessicah’s work. Jessicah writes: I created this piece using industrial sounds from around the area of Nowra & Jervis Bay. I wanted to create a soundscape that seemed to exaggerate the […]