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Wakeup 3: “Dismantling”
May 4, 2011

Come along now for the third excavation of the sonic underworld which props up our tidy urban lives. You are in for a treat. This particular wake up call is by Eric Lasker, and it’s entitled Dismantling. We invite you to install it on your device, and use it as your wake-up call for tomorrow […]

Wakeup 2: “Awake to a dream”
May 3, 2011

It’s time Updated to rise and shine, on the second morning of our sonic adventures! в So tomorrow at the crack of dawn, let’s wake up together, coaxed into consciousness by this lovely piece by Alex Stevenson. Click here to listen or download Alex’s piece. Alex writes: My work tries to structure your experience of […]

Wakeup 1: Ode to Snookie
May 2, 2011

Thanks to those who’ve grasped the nettle and signed up quicksticks to WHAT LIES BENEATH (small soundworks for the sleepy). First What cab off the rank is this piece called Ode to Snookie, by Rory McKay. Right-click to download it … (or left-click to listen now). Have a look over at our “how it works” […]