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Join in:
To host this event in your own private boudoir, email

The longer story:
Each morning during the Tiny Stadiums Festival, you will be offered the chance to experience these wake up soundtracks in the intimacy of your own bedroom.

When you email us to sign up, you will be transmitted an audio file with instructions on how to install it on your device.

You can opt to take part for just one day during the festival, or a few days, or every single day between May 3rd and 15th.

What you need:
You need a “smart phone” or digital radio which has the ability to play an audio track as its alarm clock. You can also make this work on newer ipods which can be linked up to portable speakers or your stereo input.

On the iphone:
you need to download an “app” to make it work.
I have found this app, called ALARM CLOCK PRO by iHandy to be quite easy to use for the idiot user (me). NOTE: you need to leave this app open at the top level of your iPhone when you go to bed. Do not put the app in the background, or your iPhone will go to sleep and your custom sound will not work on the alarm clock. (NB: this may mean that your battery drains faster than usual).

Alternatively, my technical consultant Lauren recommends the following app:
ALARM CLOCK REBEL. (Get the $1.19 version of the app, not the free one…)
We recommend you do a test-alarm run through with the Alarm Clock Rebel app before setting it up for tomorrow morning. Here are some tips which will hopefully give you joy:
1. you have to make sure the app is open when you go to sleep in order for it to access songs from the ipod;
2. You need to make sure the app is not in the background;
3. Your iPhone must not be in silent mode;
4. you need to actually play the track on the ipod of your iphone before it will work for you as an alarm;
5. you also need to, in your testing, turn off the “Sleep Sound Backgrounding”. The ipod music doesn’t work if it’s on.

On the Nokia C3:
1. Turn on both your mobile and computer’s bluetooth
2. Open Computer’s bluetooth settings and select “Send File”
3. Locate the file and click “Send”
4. Accept the file on phone and begin the transfer
5. Once transfered go into the phone’s “Alarm clock” settings
6. Set alarm time and change alarm tone to the sound work (it should be in the “received files” folder)
(Thanks to Alex for these instructions…)

On the BlackBerry Torch:
1) click on link to the sound file in each daily blog entry
2) When asked “Do you want to open or save the item?” select ‘Save’ – then when prompted save to media card.
3) Open the ‘Clock’ from the homescreen
4) Under ‘Alarm’ select ‘Alarm Tone’. In the list select ‘All Music’ – then select the file ‘xxxxxx’
5) then set the alarm –>voila!
(thanks to Brad for these instructions…)

If you have doubts or can’t work out your particular device, get in touch and we’ll try to trouble shoot it with you. Or, if you get it working on your phone, email us how you did it and we’ll share it with the luddites ( .

Non-phone options:
Or… if you are too “old school” for a smart phone, you can still participate by using your computer as an alarm clock! Simply download this free alarm clock software and away you go (you’ll have to bring your computer into your bedroom the night before!):
Free Alarm Clock Software for PC
Robbie Hanson’s Alarm Clock for Macintosh

This is a kid-friendly artwork. There is no need to fear that your 7 year old son or daughter will be exposed to anything untoward. In fact, you may find that your local 7 year old proves quite handy in helping you get the technical aspects functioning on your particular smartphone…

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