Project Credits

What Lies Beneath was dreamed up by Lucas Ihlein, in collaboration with Nick Keys and Bettina Frankham.

What Lies Beneath features original works by students of Media Arts 101 at University of¬†Wollongong’s Faculty of Creative Arts. Artists featured include:

Rory Mckay
Alexandra Stevenson
Eric Lasker
Jessicah Halliday
Corryn Queenan
James Hallihan
Jamie Gray
Andrea Washington
Aidan O’Brien
Joanne McGeorge
Matthew Melendez

Matt Korvin
Nikolas Kostiainen
Lily Jones

Original concept by Brogan Bunt, borrowed from an idea by British artist Scanner.

What Lies Beneath is part of Tiny Stadiums Festival, curated by QuarterBred and facilitated by PACT.

Download a flyer for WHAT LIES BENEATH here:
large printable version (pdf 3MB).
email-size version (jpg 500kb).

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